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Our solutions are based on the award winning Nowision product family. With the Nowision product range we can realize full range Triple Play services on any high speed access network (Ethernet, xDSL, FTTx, WiFi). With these products it is possible to provide customers video, voice, and data services. Through the variety of configurations, a cost saving integration of access control, security, building engineering and maintenance is possible.

IP-Park has been established in 2004 by Hungarian owners. Although IPPark Ltd. is considered a fairly young company its owners and collegues all have long-term experience in telecommunication services. The most important brands of the company are IntelliGuest, IntelliHome, and IntelliBusiness. IntelliGuest covers the hardware and software solutions of a Hotel TV system and the telecom services. These complex systems can offer wide ranged all-in-one solutions for complete Hotels, from room access control, through interactive TV systems, to heating management. IntelliHome covers our telecom services we provide to residential customers. We sell telecom solutions to our business customers under the brandname of IntelliBusiness.